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Beyond the Frame: American History through Artworks from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Artists give us a diverse window on American life, reflecting the cultural, social, and political climate of the time in which they work. Explore the question, “What does art reveal about America?” as you examine better- and lesser-known aspects of American history to reframe your perspective. Join study group leaders as they facilitate an examination of America through the eyes of diverse artists in four discussion-based sessions, each focused on a separate era: • Seeing Is Thinking: Learn the languages of art and consider the many choices artists make when creating their works. • Early America: As a diverse group of people living in New England and New Spain became a new nation, they created early American art that tells the story of national ambitions, territorial expansion and displacement, and the beginnings of industry. • Wars At Home and Abroad: Beginning with the Civil War and stretching through WWII, artists’ depictions of America during troubled times reflect a changing national identity. • Contemporary Life: Americans entering the post-War era experienced a boom time clouded by global uncertainty. Artists grappled with how to reflect America’s changing social and political landscape: some raised questions about the value of art and history, while others confronted issues of race and gender inequality.
Event Type : Study Groups      
Category : Art & Architecture
Date(s) : 06/07/2018 - 06/28/2018
Day of Week : Thursday
Time : 2:30-4:00
Location : Turner Senior Resource Center, Campbell Room
Address : 2401 Plymouth Rd.,
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Fee : $25.00
Event Status : COMPLETED