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Understanding the Revolutionary Changes in Businesses and Jobs **NEW LOCATION on 10/21**
We will examine the numerous ways that technology, competition, globalization, and trade have affected American businesses and the nature of work. Some of the most iconic companies such as Eastman Kodak, Bethlehem Steel, and Westinghouse have gone bankrupt or disappeared, while newer types of companies such as Amazon and Uber are ascending. In their heyday, large corporations were integral to the growth of the middle class by offering lifetime employment and benefits. But today, many traditional and new-age companies treat employees as contractors and they need fewer workers to achieve economic values comparable to businesses of the past. We will read and discuss The Vanishing American Corporation by U of M professor Gerald Davis. (OLLI members may remember his lecture last fall on the future of work). The author tracks the rise of the large corporation and then describes the economic, social, and technological developments that have led to its decline. He shows how these trends are leading to income inequality and social instability. Dr. Davis goes on to describe the future of business and how workers can navigate changing conditions. Gerry Lapidus contributed professionally to the emergence of the new tech world and has conducted over 50 OLLI book discussion classes. Please read through Section 2 for the first meeting. No class: September 30 Most classes meet at the Turner Senior Resource Center (TSRC), but the October 21st class will meet at Trinity Lutheran Church.
Event Type : Study Groups      
Category : Social Science
Date(s) : 09/16/2019 - 10/21/2019
Day of Week : Monday (No class 9/30)
Time : 1:00-3:00pm
Location : Turner Senior Resource Center, Campbell Room
Address : 2401 Plymouth Road,
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Instructor : Lapidus Gerald
Fee : $35.00
Event Status : COMPLETED