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Advances in Science (series)
Thursdays, 10:00–11:30am January 14, 2021 – March 4, 2021 $35/series or $10/day pass Amazing advances have been made in science over the past several years, making use of new ways of looking at our universe and understanding our place in it. Astronomy now includes gravitational wave observatories, along with radio, light, and x-ray telescopes. We once could only speculate about planets outside our solar system, but now we’ve found more than 4,000 exoplanets and begun to characterize them. Recent fossil finds and genetics are letting us follow the evolution of early humans as they spread out from Africa. We are in a new epoch, the Anthropocene, in which human actions are leaving significant marks in the geological record. The lecture series will delve into many of the exciting advances. The lecture "Gravitational Wave Astronomy – Listening to the Universe" on January 21st is sponsored by Susan Fisher. The lecture "Human Dispersal(s) from Africa" on February 11th is being sponsored by Rebecca Van Dyke in honor of her father, Henry Van Dyke, a 13-year member of the OLLI Lectures committee.
Event Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Category : Series 3 - Advances in Science
Date(s) : 01/14/2021 - 03/04/2021
Day of Week : Thursday
Time : 10:00-11:30AM
Location : Online
Fee : $35.00
Event Status : COMPLETED