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Commons - E-biking: The Perfect Outdoor Exercise for Seniors
E-biking: The Perfect Outdoor Exercise for Seniors Meets on May 5, 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 am New technology now offers seniors the "perfect" form of outdoor exercise: e-biking. Simply put, an e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor and battery attached for "assistance" when riding at the level you personally select. Here are some of the major points to be covered in the presentation: • The "anatomy" and components of a typical e-bike • The different models of e-bikes available in the market with typical prices • Profile of a typical senior e-bike aficionado • A brief tutorial about the interaction of gearing and motor assistance for a smooth and safe ride • Hints about how to most enjoy your bike rides such as distance traveled and paths-versus-road riding For added security, all Commons events are locked ten minutes after they begin, so please arrive promptly! OLLI Commons events are free and open to the public. OLLI membership is not required. Starting April 19, 2021 the Commons will still be free, but registration for Commons events will be required. Starting April 19th registration for Commons events will be required: • If you are registered for this Commons event and signed into this web site, Zoom information will be displayed below under Location. • If you aren't signed in, the Zoom information will not be displayed. • If you are signed in to this web site, but are not registered for this Commons event, the Zoom information will not be displayed and you will be able to register for the event by clicking on the "Register >>" button below. Follow this link for more information: https://www.olli-umich.org/olli-commons Please do not share OLLI Zoom information with others outside of your immediate household.
Event Type : Social Interaction      
Category : OLLI Commons
Date(s) : 05/05/2021
Day of Week : Wednesday
Time : 10:00 - 11:00 am
Location : online
Instructor : Friedman Bruce
Fee : $0.00 (Free, registration is required, OLLI membership not required)
Event Status : COMPLETED