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Native Americans of the Great Lakes Region: Past and Present- FULL SERIES
Indigenous people migrated to the Americas more than 15,000 years ago. Their settlements spread over all of North, Central and South America, long before Europeans arrived. This lecture series focuses on the Native Americans who settled and thrived in the Great Lakes region for thousands of years. It will examine their various lifestyles, technologies, cultures, and religious beliefs in the near and distant past as well as the present. It will investigate the impact and the disruption that the arrival of Europeans had on their way of life. One topic that is especially relevant today, given climate change and other environmental problems, is the sustainable conception many Native Americans have of the relation between humans and the natural world.
Event Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Category : Series 5 - Native Americans of the Great Lakes Region
Date(s) : 04/14/2022 - 05/19/2022
Day of Week : Thursday
Time : 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Location : Online
Fee : $35.00
Event Status : COMPLETED