Video | Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Planet in Peril
Dean Jonathan Overpeck
Climate change is becoming THE challenge of the 21st century, and is likely to impact most of the human enterprise, as well as planetary life support systems, in increasingly unprecedented ways. Overpeck will discuss global implications, including the imperative to act quickly on climate change, or risk major Earth system tipping points. He’ll then drill down to the scale of the U.S. and Great Lakes region to provide a more relatable sense of what is at stake.

Professor Overpeck is an interdisciplinary climate scientist and has written over 210 published works on climate and the environmental sciences. He served as a Working Group 1 Coordinating Lead Author for the Nobel Prize winning IPCC 4th Assessment (2007). He is a Fellow of AGU and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and tweets about climate-related issues @GreatLakesPeck.