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The Impact of Social Media on Society (Series) (1/9/20-2/13/20)
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Social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others—have become key methods for communicating via smart phones and computers. There are 2.38 billion Facebook users worldwide, and 220 million in the U.S. The average American teenager spends 3 hours or more each day on digital social media. Social media can be used positively for communicating, giving life status updates, and teaching. But social media can also have negative impacts, including spreading false information, bullying, and slandering. This lecture series examines the ways social media impact our day-to-day lives. It asks: How do social media affect young children, including their social, cognitive, and neural development? Are there impacts of social media on people’s self-esteem and mental health? How are social media used for education and to promote social welfare? How do social media compromise people’s privacy? More generally, how can we enhance the benefits of social media, while limiting their negative impacts.
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Is Technology Killing Privacy?
Professor Florian Schaub
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