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Escape from Nazi Germany and the Holocaust to Shanghai
Berl Falbaum
Hitler came to power in 1933. At that time there were approximately 500 thousand Jews in Germany and approximately 180 thousand Jews in Austria. They were loyal to their country, were part of the government, and fought for Germany in World War 1. Hitler had a plan to annihilate the world’s Jews. Jews were stripped of their citizenship, their property taken over and their means of a livelihood destroyed. Jews were given an X amount of time to find a country that would take them over, otherwise they would be thrown into concentration camps. Aside from the Dominican Republic, Shanghai was the only place that remained open to these refugees without requiring a visa. Approximately 20 thousand German, Austrian and Polish Jews were able to make the trip. 

Mr. Falbaum’s family was among those that made the journey. In his presentation, Mr. Falbaum will describe his family’s experiences and those of other Jews. He has compiled and edited a book Shanghai Remembered: Stories of Jews Who Escaped to Shanghai from Nazi Germany.