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The Lasting Impact of Covid-19 -- Health Perspectives on COVID-19
Preeti N. Malani, M.D., Joy Wolfe Ensor, Ph.D., and Jimena Loveluck
Three “essential” medical professionals share their unique observations and experiences about caring for Covid-19 patients. 

Preeti N. Malani, M.D., as chief health officer, serves as an adviser to the President on matters of health and well-being of the university community,
including disease management, public health preparedness and promotion of healthy practices and climate on all three campuses.

Dr. Malani is a graduate of UM. She received her MD degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine. Prior to medical school, she completed a Masters in Journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She completed her Internal Medicine residency and Infectious Diseases fellowship at UM, where she also received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis. Dr. Malani completed fellowship training in Geriatric Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University. She is the director of the National Poll on Healthy Aging based at the Institute for
Healthcare Policy and Innovation and an Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Joy Wolfe Ensor, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist whose career has included public 
sector service, private practice, and adjunct faculty appointments at Wayne State and Eastern Michigan Universities. A first-generation American, she grew up in New York City and received her diploma from the Bronx High School of Science, her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Dr. Ensor is a Fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association, received its Distinguished Psychologist Award in 2017, and is currently serving as its President.

Jimena Loveluck is the health officer of the Washtenaw County Health Department where she has served since 2017. Prior to joining the Health Department, Ms. Loveluck was the Vice Chair of the Washtenaw County Board of Health and Vice President of Community Research and Innovation for UNIFIED – HIV Health and Beyond. She also served as the president and CEO of the HIV/AIDS Resource Center in Ypsilanti for 15 years. She has a Master’s Degree focused in Social Work; Community Organization/Social Policy and Planning from Boston College. Loveluck is the first Latinx and first bilingual health officer for Washtenaw County.