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COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts on the Environment and Climate
Dr. Chris Poulsen
The COVID-19 pandemic, by slowing economic activity, has led to significant reductions in industrial emissions, leading to cleaner air
and water and an unprecedented decline in carbon emissions. This talk will describe impacts of the pandemic on different aspects of the environment and climate, and discuss how to extend these short term benefits beyond the life of the pandemic.

Chris Poulsen is associate dean for natural sciences for the UM College of LSA, and is the Henry Pollack Collegiate Professor of Earth & Environmental sciences and
Climate & Space Sciences and Engineering. Professor Poulsen is a climate scientist, whose research interests include past and future climate change, climate dynamics, and hydrological cycling. He teaches courses on topics of climate and environmental change. He received his BA in geology from Carleton College and a PhD in Geosciences from the Pennsylvania State University.