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Michigan and Other Battleground States
Michigan and Other Battleground States
Kevin Deegan-Krause, Moderator, Riley Beggin, Bridge Magazine, Tim Alberta, Politico
Riley Beggin is a Capitol reporter covering Michigan politics, including legislative, gubernatorial and other statewide elections. She joined Bridge in January 2018 after working at KPCC, Los Angeles’ NPR member station. Before that, she was a fellow at ABC News’ Washington Bureau and an intern with NPR’s investigative unit. Beggin majored in history and international relations at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. She also holds a Master’s Degree in investigative journalism from the University of Missouri.
Tim Alberta is chief political correspondent for POLITICO, where his longer form work is often published in the publication’s magazine. He covers a range of topics, including: The Trump presidency; Capitol Hill; the ideological warfare between and within the two parties; demographic change in America; and the evolving role of money in elections. He co-moderated the final Democratic presidential primary debate in 2019 hosted by PBS Newshour and POLITICO. Based in Michigan and tasked with roving widely across battleground states, Alberta writes a regular “Letter to Washington,” a 2020 dispatch highlighting stories, trends, and people from outside the political bubble for the political bubbles.
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