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Creating Comics/Graphic Novels from Concept to Publication
Creating Comics/Graphic Novels from Concept to Publication
Comfort and Adam
The title is no lie, Comfort and Adam will indeed teach you how to create comics / graphic novels from concept to publication. This talk will cover the entire process from concepting, scripting, thumbnails, color, digital and print publishing, and marketing. They will show examples and explain how one step leads into the other so you can feel confident in your knowledge of this subject… and who knows, maybe even start your own book someday.

Comfort and Adam are the award nominated creative team responsible for the critically acclaimed series The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark, Kitty Game, and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics. They’re guests of the biggest comic conventions across the US, meeting fans and spreading knowledge via panels and seminars.

Comfort and Adam believe in the philosophy that great stories and art can be both fun and challenging, and you don’t have to choose between entertaining an audience and making them think.

The duo lives in Grand Rapids, MI with their five cats, and can frequently be seen walking up and down the trail behind their house talking about stories before sequestering themselves away to draw for their customary twelve hours a day. More at: or social @ComfortAndAdam.
Lecture Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 03/11/2021      
Program Year : 2020-21      
Term : Winter/Spring      
Fee : $10.00