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Put a Spark Under Your Butt
Put a Spark Under Your Butt
Jim Summers and Kim Mayes
There have been a lot of news stories lately about the rise in popularity of E-bikes (electric bikes). But what’s all the fuss about? Worldwide, E-bikes are the fastest growing sector of the bike industry, and there are several reasons for their rapid rise in appeal. We will look at what exactly is an E-bike and why they are so sought after with the Baby Boomer generation, and among commuters, businesses, and municipalities. There are so many different types of E-bikes on the market that it can be overwhelming to learn about them all. We will try to simplify it, going over the fundamentals, to see whether an E-bike might be right for you and how you should choose which type will suit you best.

Jim Summers and Kim Mayes own and operate H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids. They have been in the E-bike business for eight years. Jim was a controls engineer, cycling to work 20 miles each way when he built his first E-bike to make his commute easier. He immediately saw the potential for E-bikes to enable more people to
ride a bike. He also envisioned a future when more people would replace car trips with bicycle trips. Jim started building E-bikes for others, then left his engineering job in 2014 to sell E-bikes full time. Jim’s wife, Kim, joined him in the business in 2018.
Lecture Type : Afternoons with OLLI      
Lecture Date : 03/17/2021      
Program Year : 2020-21      
Term : Winter/Spring      
Fee : $5.00