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Central America from the Ice Age to the Age of ICE
Central America from the Ice Age to the Age of ICE
Dr. Anthony Andersson
Dr. Andersson explores the common experiences that unite contemporary Central America, as well as what distinguishes its component parts and how they got that way.  What historical and natural forces shaped the region?  Where did today’s political divisions come from?  Why have many Central Americans left their homes for the United States?  This talk addresses these questions and others from a bird’s-eye view of the incredibly diverse geography and cultures of the American Isthmus.

Dr. Andersson teaches world history at DePauw University.  His research, which examines political conflict and environmental change in Guatemala, and has been generously supported by the American Council of Learned Societies, the Social Science Research Council, the Mellon Foundation, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University.  He received his doctorate in Latin American history from New York University.
Lecture Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 04/15/2021      
Program Year : 2020-21      
Term : Winter/Spring      
Fee : $10.00