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The Economy: How Long Will It Take to Recover in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic?
The Economy: How Long Will It Take to Recover in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic?
Betsey Stevenson Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Michigan
After more than half century of progress, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the women’s labor force participation back to many decades as they grapple with job loss and child care loss. Will this permanently set women back? How long will this take for the economy to recover? Professor Stevenson will cover the current state of the macro economy with a focus on how the pandemic and government policy responses have affected the labor market and the shape of the economic recovery.

Betsey Stevenson is a professor of public policy and economics at the University of
Michigan. She is a faculty research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a visiting associate professor of Economics at the University of Sydney, a research fellow of the Centre for Economic Research, a fellow of the IFO Institute for Economic Research in Munich. and serves on the executive committee of the American Economic Association. She served as a member of the Council of Economic Advisors from 2013 to 2015, where she advised the Obama Administration. on social policy, labor market, and trade issues. She served as the chief
economist of the U.S. Department of Labor from 2010 to 2011 where she advised the Secretary of Labor on labor policy and participating as the secretary’s deputy to the White House economic team.

Dr Stevenson earned a B.A. in economics and mathematics from Wellesley College and
an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University.
Lecture Type : Distinguished Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 05/11/2021      
Program Year : 2020-21      
Term : Winter/Spring      
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