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The University of Michigan Carillons
The University of Michigan Carillons
Eva Albalghiti
We all are transfixed whenever we hear beautiful music emanating from either of the University’s two carillons on campus. And the simple sight of the towers housing the Baird and Lurie Carillons leave us awestruck. Have you ever wondered how our University was fortunate enough to acquire two carillons? Have you wondered how they were played? How were the bells made? Or who was the person (carillonneur) creating the music, and how do they make the huge bells ring out?
How and when were the Baird and Lurie Carillons built on the U-M campus, and who were some of their notable carillonneurs? How do you play a carillon? I’ll bet you can’t guess!
We’ll learn about the origins of carillons in the 16th century to the future of carillon composing and performance in modern times.
Eva Albalghiti is a carillonneur at the University of Michigan. Eva began playing the carillon at Yale University, and was a member of the Yale Guild of Carillonneurs. She was also recognized for her talent through membership in the Guild of Carillonneurs of North America. After pursuing a two-year
research opportunity in Beijing, China, she began her PhD in Environmental Engineering at the U of M. Eva plays a weekly carillon recital at Lurie Tower on UM’s North Campus. I’ll bet the view from the top is spectacular!
Lecture Type : Afternoons with OLLI      
Lecture Date : 10/20/2021      
Program Year : 2021-22      
Term : Fall      
Fee : $10.00