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Art Talks: Picturing America
Art Talks: Picturing America
Wendy Evans
America’s art tells America’s story - the optimism, struggles, humor and pain. We’ll explore how people from early inhabitants to today pictured the history and landscape of the country reflecting its ideas and ideals.
Images will range from realistic paintings of John Singleton Copley to modern abstractions by Jackson Pollock, from the innocent America captured by Norman Rockwell in his early work to the struggles of black Americans seen in his
late paintings and those of black artists like Jacob Lawrence, and from inspiring views of unspoiled country by Thomas Cole to the lonely cities of
Edward Hopper. These artists, and others whose work we’ll see, help build our picture of America.
Wendy Evans was raised among the museums of London, England. She has advanced degrees from Oxford University in England and Wayne State University in Detroit, taught Art History at Wayne State University and CCS, and is a long-time volunteer at the Detroit Institute of Arts. She gives Zoom presentations
on a wide variety of art subjects. More information about Wendy is on her website:
Lecture Type : Afternoons with OLLI      
Lecture Date : 12/08/2021      
Program Year : 2021-22      
Term : Winter      
Fee : $10.00