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Rivers of Power
Rivers of Power
Professor Laurence Smith
This talk explores the many ways that humans have used rivers over time, and how we continue to do so today. Since our earliest cities established along the Tigris-Euphrates, Indus, Nile, and Yellow Rivers, anthropogenic use of rivers has changed over time and space.  Yet their critical importance persists because they provide five fundamental benefits: access, natural capital, territory, well-being, and power. The manifestations of these benefits have changed, but societal demands for them have not.   

Professor Smith has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, essays and books about the Arctic, water resources, and satellite remote sensing technologies. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and American Geophysical Union Fellow.  His research has been reported by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, BBC, and others, and he was an invited speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  His general-audience book THE WORLD IN 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future won the Walter P. Kistler Book Award and was a Nature Editor's Pick of 2012. His second book Rivers of Power about rivers and society, was a Geographical best book of 2020.
Lecture Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 01/20/2022      
Program Year : 2021-22      
Term : Winter      
Fee : $10.00