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A History of Water Accumulation and Loss in the Great Lakes
A History of Water Accumulation and Loss in the Great Lakes
Dr. Andrew Gronewold, P.E.
Dr. Gronewold will provide an overview of the history behind water level monitoring on the Great Lakes, including a perspective on how water accumulates and is lost over multi-decadal, annual, and seasonal time scales.  His talk will include a focus on changes in water levels over the past 30 years, with an emphasis on how climate change is altering the components of the hydrologic cycle, and implications for water distribution across the Great Lakes region and North America.
Dr. Andrew Gronewold, P.E., is an Associate Professor with the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan.  He also holds adjunct faculty appointments in the University of Michigan’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  Much of Dr. Gronewold’s current research focuses on monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting the long-term water budget and water levels of the Laurentian Great Lakes.
Lecture Type : Thursday Morning Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 02/03/2022      
Program Year : 2021-22      
Term : Winter      
Fee : $10.00