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Christianity and Antisemitism
Christianity and Antisemitism
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Phifer
The dagger in the heart of Christianity is antisemitism. Christianity began as a Jewish sect, and the quarrels in the early days were intra-Jewish quarrels. By the end of the first century, especially with the growing influence of Greek sources on the development of the faith, Jews and Judaism began to be cast as satanic. When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire (381), Judaism became a prime target of Christian hatred, and antisemitism became a fundamental part of Christianity. It has brought untold suffering on the Jewish people and their religion, most horribly the Holocaust. This lecture will review the history of how antisemitism came to be a central part of the Christian religion.
Kenneth W. Phifer holds a BA degree in history from Harvard College and a doctorate from the University of Chicago. A Unitarian Universalist minister for over fifty years, he served the Ann Arbor congregation for 25 years (1980-2005). He is the author of three books and some two dozen articles and has been active in many peace groups and social justice movements. He is a father (5), grandfather (17), and has one great granddaughter.
Lecture Type : Distinguished Lecture Series      
Lecture Date : 03/08/2022      
Program Year : 2021-22      
Term : Winter      
Fee : $10.00